Hayami Petty Kiritsuke 6"
Hayami Petty Kiritsuke 6"
Hayami Petty Kiritsuke 6"
Hayami Petty Kiritsuke 6"
Hayami Petty Kiritsuke 6"
Hayami Petty Kiritsuke 6"
Hayami Petty Kiritsuke 6"
Hayami Petty Kiritsuke 6"
Hayami Petty Kiritsuke 6"
Hayami Petty Kiritsuke 6"

Hayami Petty Kiritsuke 6"

- The handle you never knew you needed -
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If precision cooking is your style, the 6” forged Petty Kiritsuke is a traditional Japanese kitchen knife for you. A slightly shorter blade than the 8” Kiritsuke makes it ideal for peeling, shaping, slicing, and chopping: the lighter touches that’ll take your dishes to Michelin level. The ultra-sharp Hayami Petty Kiritsuke has a VG-10 core with 66 layers of 10Cr15CoMov stainless steel. Whether you're an experienced chef looking to branch out into new styles, or someone who wants to stand out from the rest with a blade that speaks for itself this Hayami knife has everything you're looking for.


  • Japanese VG10 Core
  • 66 Layers of 10Cr15CoMov Stainless Steel
  • Ultra Sharp Double Bevel Edge
  • 100% Unique Handle! Every handle is different
  • 100% Random color! Perfect for those who love surprises
  • Kiritsuke Blade suitable for all cutting styles
  • Allows for switching styles to avoid fatigue
  • Sharpened by Hand using Traditional Honbazuke Method

    Core Material: Japanese VG10 Steel

    Forging Technique: Damascus Steel / Pattern Welded

    Metal Composition: Takefu VG10 - C 1.0% | CR 15.0% | Mo 1.0% | V 0.25% | Co 1.55%

    Hardness: 60 HRC

    Handle Material: Stabilized Wood

    Handle Length: 113mm
    Blade Length: 159mm
    Total Length: 272mm
    Knife Width: 37mm
    Blade Thickness: 2.0mm

    Total Weight: 116gr

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