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The Awabi SeriesSubstance never looked so stylish

  • Designed for chefs with the sharpest touch
  • Balances flair and dexterity for a smoother slice
  • Hand-forged from raw Japanese Damascus steel
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“Choppn’ knives changed everything! So light, yet razor sharp and versatile.”

Jonathon G.

Every Chef Has A Unique Style

Rated 4.8 Stars By 4500 Happy Customers

Every Chef Has A Unique Style

But style should never trump substance. The Awabi Series balances form and function, meaning home chefs like you will not only look the part. You’ll fly through prep like a sushi master turns out sashimi. Cook with style and substance, pick your perfect Awabi knife set.

Rated 4.8 Stars By 4500 Happy Customers

In The Kitchen, It Pays To Spend A Little More.

Buy Once

If you’ve made it this far, we bet you love to cook. And we bet you’ve been through your fair share of knives. Treat the Awabi Series kindly, and it will be the last chef’s knife set you ever buy.

Slice Once

A dull blade can leave chefs sweating over a lamb rack for hours. But pick a hand-forged Damascus steel blade, and you’ll make light work of even the leatheriest skinned squash.

Never Look Back

Eating is a necessity, cooking is an art: and there’s no finer way to respect the art form than to bring the exquisite Awabi Series into your home and turn your next dish into a masterpiece.

A Masterclass In Knife Design

Rated 4.8 Stars By 4500 Happy Customers


The cherished Kiritsuke is arguably the best-known Japanese kitchen knife. And to many,it is the ultimate chef’s knife.

A sword-like shape offers a straighter edge than a Yanagi and more length than a Usuba, enabling you to julienne a cucumber before delicately slicing a raw fillet of salmon, all with the same  8" blade.

And the Awabi Series Kiritsuke is made all the more distinctive by its decorative resin-coated abalone handle.

Rated 4.8 Stars By 4500 Happy Customers


Meet Japan's answer to the classic western-style chef’s knife: an all-purpose blade that'll slice a rare beef rib as well as a ripe beef tomato.

But why offer a western-style design? Well, we know the diamond-shaped Kiritsuke won't suit every technique. And so, the Gyuto offers the much-loved rocker feel without compromising on performance.

If you're looking for a chef's knife that feels familiar in hand but still slices like a master, look no further than the Gyuto.

Rated 4.8 Stars By 4500 Happy Customers


In the simplest of terms, ‘Na’ means leaf and ‘kiri’ means cut, showing the Japanese designed this knife with one task in mind.

The delicate rectangular blade of the Nakiri makes swift work of soft ingredient prep, favoring a simple push-to-cut technique that’s as effective on salad as on a thick-skinned squash. Chop, mince, and slice to your heart's content.

Because when stir-fries and salads are a regular feature at home, the 8” Nakiri makes vegetable prep a joy.

Rated 4.8 Stars By 4500 Happy Customers


The world’s greatest inventions have long sat in the shadow of sliced bread. But sliced bread has a secret.

The true hero of the story are knives like this Awabi Series 10" blade: the kind of crocodile-toothed edge that can drop a paper-thin slice of sourdough onto a breadboard without a crumb hitting the floor — or if the occasion requires.

The full-tang, abalone shell-handled-blade will glide through a boneless ham, crispy cabbage, or perfectly ripe mango with the same casual flair.

Rated 4.8 Stars By 4500 Happy Customers


This 7” knife is the meat lover’s dream, offering a nimble blade that makes deboning, trimming, butterflying, and filleting as easy as it is satisfying.

The blade’s effectiveness lies in its finer details: a subtle curve affords a deftness of touch while the thin profile helps you track the curves of the bone, separate the meat, and minimize waste, whether you’re breaking down poultry or working with a side of fish.

Make light work of meaty jobs. Enjoy the subtle strength of this uniquely stylish 7” boning knife.

Rated 4.8 Stars By 4500 Happy Customers


Whether you're filleting a mackerel, chopping cooked chicken, or dicing a cucumber, some jobs call for a slightly smaller blade.

That’s where this general-purpose utility knife steps in — and it’s so versatile you’ll probably end up using it every single day. Longer than a paring knife but shorter than a chef’s knife, the utility knife is a solid all-rounder: some call it an essential piece of kitchen equipment.

Every home chef needs a trusty blade by their chopping board. Make sure your Awabi utility knife is always in reach.

Rated 4.8 Stars By 4500 Happy Customers

Form And Function As One

Over 4,500 Happy Customers And Counting...

“Love the look, sharpness, and weight of the knife - makes for a smooth motion when cutting. Worth every $”

Weng O.

“Choppn' Knives changed everything! So light, yet razor sharp and versatile.”

Jonathon G.

“Bought it for my husband. He’s loves to cook. He absolutely loves it.”

Lauren J.

“A quality product at a good price. Treat them with respect and they will last for YEARS.”

Hettie R.

“My knife is so sharp it easily cuts through many tough vegetables that my old knife couldn't. I have to be very careful as I've almost cut myself a few times.”

Lara B.

Got Questions?
We’ve Got You Covered

How sharp are Choppn' Knives?

Choppn’ Knives are as sharp as knives come.

Each blade takes several months to forge, starting life as raw Japanese steel that’s first shaped and polished before our expert bladesmiths finish their craft with the three-step Honbazuke method.

Honbazuke is the traditional way Japanese sword makers hand-sharpened the samurai sword, using a series of stones to achieve an excruciatingly fine edge.

Step one involves coarsely grinding the blade on a vertical rotating stone

Step two uses a horizontally rotating stone to fine-hone the finish

Step three polishes the edge on a leather stropping block

The result? A scalpel-like sharpness that lasts for years and is quickly returned with one of our unique sharpening tools.

Do Choppn' Knives come with a warranty?

We offer a 12-month limited warranty on every knife purchased from our website. The warranty includes:

Repair or replacement of any defective material or component

A full refund if we’re unable to repair or replace the defective part

But one point to note — Japanese chef knives are nothing like your everyday kitchen knife. They have an ultra-fine blade edge that guarantees sharpness, but that can also be fragile, so we ask you: please use them with respect and never cut (or separate) frozen food, open tin cans, or slice super-hard ingredients with the hand-forged blade.

We can’t cover issues resulting from this type of misuse. And the warranty doesn’t extend to general wear and tear, poor maintenance, or loss/theft either.

Do you charge for shipping?

We built Choppn’ Knives to bring better knives to home chefs for less. We do this by sourcing directly from the bladesmiths, and we keep our prices low by covering all the shipping costs ourselves.

That means you can order whatever you want to any kitchen you want, and we’ll take care of the courier’s fees for you.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Every product has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

That’s our way of showing we’re confident you’ll love Choppn’ Knives products — but if you’re not 100% satisfied, all you have to do is tell us within 60 calendar days of your purchase, and we’ll refund your order, no questions asked.

Rated 4.8 Stars By 4500 Happy Customers

We Pay For Shipping

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12 Month Warranty

Every product has a
12-month warranty

Money Back Guarantee

If within 60 days of your purchase due to any reason you are not satisfied with your product we will give you 100% refund. No questions asked at all!

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