• Good cooking starts with good prep. A fact the Japanese know better than most. That’s why they respect the chef as much as the samurai, forging kitchen knives with the same technique they use to craft the samurai's sword.

    At Choppn Knives, we strive to do the same. We work directly with master forgers, doing our best to bring 1,500 years of blade-making tradition from Yanjiang to your kitchen.

    Because if you can step up to your chopping board with a reliably sharp edge, your warrior-like prep skills will only shine through on the plate.

    And while we can’t divulge every secret of our expert bladesmiths, we can share this.

  • They hand-forge each knife from raw Japanese steel: a material so tough the samurai bet their lives on it. Then after months of shaping comes honbazuke: a trademark sharpening method that guarantees the razor-sharp finish.

    What’s the result? A knife so unique you’d just as happily display it on your wall as gift it to your closest friend. But you’re not here to show it off.

    You’re here to cook. And by sourcing our blades directly from the makers, we can help you cook better for less, so find your perfect knife and get your ingredients at the ready.

    You’re about to feel what it’s like to have a genuine edge in the kitchen.



    We recognize not everyone is as fortunate as us. That’s why we launched Choppn’ for Hope: an initiative that donates 1% of revenues to charities focused on upskilling the unemployed or feeding others.


    A great product is nothing without great service. By selling online, we can go further, engaging with people in a direct, simple, and open way, sharing everything we know about chef knives, whatever the brand.


    Every craftsperson wants to leave a legacy, and that’s our aim too. We hope to do this by responding to you clearly and quickly, trying to see the world as you see it, and delivering consistent quality at every step.