Imperium Nakiri Knife 7"
Imperium Nakiri Knife 7"
Imperium Nakiri Knife 7"
Imperium Nakiri Knife 7"
Imperium Nakiri Knife 7"
Imperium Nakiri Knife 7"
Imperium Nakiri Knife 7"
Imperium Nakiri Knife 7"
Imperium Nakiri Knife 7"
Imperium Nakiri Knife 7"
Imperium Nakiri Knife 7"
Imperium Nakiri Knife 7"

Imperium Nakiri Knife 7"

- Your vegetables worst enemy -
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No job is too big. No vegetable is too small. When you're chopping up a storm, your knife should be just as tough. The Imperium 7.3" Nakiri Knife is here to help in the kitchen and in life's other demanding situations. Lightweight and lightning fast, it's crafted from super sharp AUS10 high carbon stainless steel with an HRC of 62 that won't flinch at cutting through anything you throw its way - including any 9 to 5 tasks you're running late to.


  • Hand Forged Japanese AUS10 Steel Core
  • 66 Layers of Cobalt Forged Damascus Steel
  • HRC Rating 62 HRC
  • North America Desert Ironwood & Military Grade Black G10 handle
  • Traditional Japanese half tang design
  • Multiangular traditional design for comfortable grip
  • Sharpened by Hand with 12 Production Processes
  • Vacuum & Deep Freezer Treatment for ultimate blade edge retention
  • Acacia Wood Gift Box

    Core Material: Japanese AUS10 Steel

    Forging Technique: Damascus Steel / Pattern Welded

    Metal Composition: Aichi AUS10 - C 1.10% | Cr 14.5% | Mo 0.31% | V 0.27% | Ni 0.49% | P 0.04% | Mn 0.50% | Si 1.00%

    Hardness: 62 HRC

    Handle Material: North America Desert Ironwood

    Handle Length: 137mm
    Blade Length: 185mm
    Length: 322mm
    Knife Width: 50mm
    Blade Thickness: 2.1mm

    Total Weight: 191gr

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    Customer Reviews

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    Mike V
    Such an awesome knife

    haven't ever owned a sharper knife - will definitely be buying more


    Discover your culinary heritage
    Ultimate Steel Design
    Japanese Heritage

    When you pick up one of these knives, it's like you're holding a piece of history in your hands. Each blade is made from North America Desert Ironwood and Military Grade Black G10, and they're forged with a traditional Japanese half tang design. This traditional design provides a Comfortable Grip, which means that you don't have to worry about your knife slipping out of your hand at inopportune moments.

    Hand forged to perfection
    One Blade to Rule Them All

    Our Japanese-made Imperium knife series is the ultimate in steel and design, and it's the perfect gift for anyone who wants to feel like a samurai.

    But what really makes these knives special is their hand-forged Japanese AUS10 steel blades. These blades are sharpened by hand, which means that each blade is truly unique—no two are exactly alike. And this makes the Imperium knife series a perfect gift for any knife enthusiast or collector who wants to invest in a piece of history that will last centuries into the future—and it's all thanks to our tough, yet durable vacuum and deep freezer treatment!