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The perfect gift: a chef knife

Throughout evolution, blades and men were strongly bound together. Since they were born with them, other species did not need sharp utensils - People, on the other hand, had to tame their environment by using the blades offered by nature – rocks, trunks, horns, ebony, and later they managed to create one of the most important weapons when they discovered iron. Iron provided the hardness required to cut and chop while remaining durable. Materials of better quality were developed with the addition of carbon and chrome and made enhanced durability, flexibility, sharpness and rust resistance possible.

Using blades made life easier and helped us to survive. As we see it here at Choppn’ – The blade stands for progress!

Today, without proper tools, we can't imagine any work being done in the kitchen. Cooking has evolved from a preparation to something that is fun and social. Those who really love cooking (and those who want to fall in love) should insist on using the best tool.


Because you want alleviate stress and make kitchen tasks easier for your loved ones. You want them to enjoy better ingredient tastes and finer shapes. But also because our knives are products of high quality and are part of the tradition of Asia.

Our knives are assembled by expert blades smiths in a state-of-the-art facility within YangJing, China (a city renowned for knife crafting for nearly 1500 years).

Our Choppn’ Knives specifically are crafted using imported Japanese VG-10 super steel. The blades are heat treated, cold-rolled and annealed to reveal the layered pattern. Expert knife makers trained in traditional Japanese knife craft (the head foreman himself trained for years in Japan under a master tradesman) spend days on each knife, hand-polishing and hand-finishing the blades and handles under strict guidelines using the 3-step Honbazuke method.

Honbazuke means roughly means "truer edge". Honbazuke honing originates from traditional Japanese knife production where the blade is sharpened and polished by hand in three careful stages: The blade is first coarsely ground using a vertically rotating sharpening stone, followed by a fine honing utilizing a horizontally rotating sharpening stone. The edge is then polished using a leather stropping block for scalpel-like sharpness. This is married with high-tech processes such as Cryo-tempering which improves the steels crystalline structure (making them stronger).


Let's finish by debunking a common superstition about knives found in many cultures around the world. Superstition has it that a pointed blade is not a gift as it used to represent a king - to - king declaration of war.

If you have heard this and are superstitious about gifting knives there’s one little custom that you should follow… The giver of a knife, according to many traditions and superstitions, should only offer a knife with a coin attached, which the recipient promptly gives back to the giver as a “payment” for the knife, thereby preserving their relationship.


Choppn' Knives have been built with longevity in mind. Using premium materials such as Japanese VG10 for our core metal, Damasacus Steel, and a stabilized wood handle, we have perfected the anatomy of a truly perfect Chef Knife. To provide the best cutting experience, we finish all knives by hand using the a traditional Japanese method - The Honbazuke Method. This method ensure edge retention and a sharp cutting edge that stays sharp!

Get rid of your blunt chef knife and find out why over 4.000+ professional chefs and home cooks have switched to Choppn' Knives

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