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To a chef, there is nothing more important than his knife. It is not only an extension of his hands, but also an extension of his personality and it's time we shed some light on the chef knife industry - and some people won't like it! Continue Reading
If you take good care of your kitchen knives, they will repay the favor. However, there comes a certain point, when sharpening just won’t do. While a high quality and professional kitchen knife can have the potential to last a lifetime, the reality is that, in a working chefs environment, your knife will be put to the test and time will make a difference.Continue Reading
With COVID-19 keeping most of us indoors, we cannot help but think of all of the amazing fans we truly care about around the world whose lives have greatly changed.Continue Reading

Japanese Chef Knives have developed from simple, heavy blades (like the Deba), to an intricate arsenal of knives which come in many well-thought-out forms used for specific tasks Deba, Gyuto and Chukabocho are the great classic trio, which are particularly useful for traditional Japanese cuisine.

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Today, without proper tools, we can't imagine any work being done in the kitchen. Cooking has evolved from a preparation to something that is fun and social. Those who really love cooking (and those who want to fall in love) should insist on using the best tool.Continue Reading
All blades will become dull after long use. Blade wear depends on steel quality, the blade use and its maintenance. This guide describes the correct use and maintenance of any kitchen knife to extend its lifespan and make sure you enjoy a sharp blade all the time.Continue Reading
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